I’ve been really lucky that I’ve got to explore and hone my skills by getting my hands on scripting and video production!

Here are some of the videos that I put together (from scripting, storyboarding, sourcing and working with amazing animator and editor, and getting them to the final product.)

Hope you enjoy!

Lunch Actually revamps its ‘Dating Coach’ service to address Hong Kongers’ need for more effective dating & relationship techniques

HONG KONG, February 2018 — Asia’s first and largest lunch dating company, Lunch Actually commemorates 10 years of successfully matching tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong by revealing their…

This article appears on Lunch Actually blog

Now, the love experts from Lunch Actually answers!

Have you ever been in the situation that you’re on a date and your mind goes blank. Maybe you stutter. You hear yourself speaking but you’re telling yourself, ‘this isn’t what I wanted to say!’…

The article appears on Lunch Actually Blog on 30 March 2020

Now, with the current Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting the world — we are advised to keep it from spreading by social distancing i.e. staying home and reducing close contact between people.

How do we reconcile between the two…

This post first appears in Lunch Actually’s blog

Sometimes it can be hard to find joy in dating. After all, you keep going out on dates, meeting and getting to know people, spending all that time and energy on swiping on dating apps, but then nothing works out. Worse, you go on some really bad dates!

(Main photo credit: Netflix)

Dating can get you down in the dumps, but it doesn’t have to — read on to find out 6 ways to spark joy in your dating life, and declutter the negative parts to find the positive, Marie…

Millions of happy couples exist in this world. If you’re one of them, you’re very lucky! Many of you had to go through thick and thin before you are finally in a happy, settled relationship. However, there are those who were lucky enough to have it simple and satisfying as well.

When you cook a pot of mushroom soup, there are a few key ingredients you need to have for it to taste good — water, mushrooms, cream, salt and pepper. …

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