LunchClick Revolutionizes the Way Singles Communicate To Go on More Quality Dates with New Feature

Christina Thung
5 min readApr 29, 2021

Singapore — Asia’s dating app for serious daters LunchClick recently introduced a new innovative feature to get singles out on more dates — and it’s the first of its kind! Singles can now create their own personalized questions and send to their matches without the social awkwardness of being too straight-forward. On top of enabling them to ask fun questions that matter to them, they can also view popular Q&As created by other singles for inspiration, or use them too!

LunchClick, a dating app developed by the team behind Lunch Actually Group — is the only app which entirely removes the use of chatting in its platform. In our experience, spending a lot of time chatting rarely leads to real dates. Firstly, we learned that many singles are just not good at chatting — they tend to repeat the same questions or not able to portray the best versions of themselves over chat. Secondly, singles are often chatting to multiple people online at any one time and are arranging simultaneous dates with different people. Thus, it is easy to pick and choose, lose interest and take the matches for granted. And overall, chatting on dating app can be a time-consuming process, especially for working professionals.

In previous version, singles could communicate with each other from the list of pre-set Q&As on LunchClick. And thousands of them have been going on dates every month, which cemented our belief that chatting does not necessarily help singles to meet quicker in real life. However, the team has been continuously on the ground and talking to singles, finding out what they want and keeping up with their needs. We realized that we could not have anticipated all of questions that singles had to get to know one another.

That’s why LunchClick decided to introduce this revolutionary feature — and since the new release just last week, more than 500 customized Q&As has been created! We also witnessed a 48% increase of Q&A usage on the app, and we believe that the increase in user engagement will lead to more offline dates.

Here are some of our favorite Q&As created by singles:

Q: I’m very new to this app so I understand we need to be discreet in posing questions. What do you think this app most reminds you of?

- Our CPF (you think you have control but you never really do)

- Uber / Grab (too good to be true! It’ll never last)

- Khao Yai (a breath of fresh air)

- Facebook / Friendster (same sh*t diff name)

Q: Which country would you like to live in after marriage?

- Singapore! No doubt!

- Your birth country, definitely!

- Australia, relax before retirement

- New York

Q: Do you believe that girls should woo guys?

- Yes, it’s 21st century, gender equality!

- No, I believe in gender inequality, guys should ALWAYS woo girls!

Q&As that go straight to the point:

Q: Do you like to meet your gf everyday?

- Yes, if I am not required to do OT

- No, once time a week

Q: Is sharing the same faith important in a relationship?

- Yes, it cannot be compromised in any way from the start.

- No, I’m perfectly fine being with someone of a different faith even in the long run.

- No, but only if my other half is open to accepting my faith.

- Yes, but only when the relationship is serious and for the long term.

Q: I’m divorced with a child. Do you still want to meet up?

- Yes

- No

- We can still be friends

Q: Do you mind if a potential suitor does not make as much money as you?

- Yes. It is not acceptable.

- No. True Love is more important than money

- I would try to encourage him to earn more so that we are on equal footing.

- It would depend on the other aspects of him.

Date related Q&As:

Q: What do you expect for a date?

- Full day out with breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts

- A normal day out with lunch and dinner

- A random outing, to do random stuff with no timing of dinner or lunch

- Classical lunch and dinner with romantic walks in the parks or by the seaside.

Q: Which day is good for us to meet?

- Weekdays after 7pm

- Weekend before 11am

- Weekend after 11am, before 7pm

- Weekend after 7pm

“We have always strived to innovate — and we believe that we are the first and only app to have introduced this feature. With this, our singles will be more engaged with one another and go on more real dates, which is what LunchClick is all about,” says Violet Lim, CEO of LunchClick and Co-Founder of Lunch Actually.

“New questions make a lot of sense for busy professionals who do not want to waste time and filter off matches that are overly shy or just shopping around,” a LunchClick user writes.

“We don’t believe in the hook-up cultures or connecting singles simply for flings. Our objective is to move our users to meet offline in real dates as soon as possible, as meeting in person is where the real connection and sparks happen,” Violet adds.

LunchClick has been doing well since we launched it in 2015. It has had downloads in the six digits and is gaining users daily. It also had many success stories between couples who met through the app!

The most recent success couple, Kris and Lijia had this to say about their experience with LunchClick. They recently got married in November 2016.

“I feel really thankful to have met Kris through LunchClick. We sometimes think about how coincidental it was that out of thousands and thousands of singles on the app, we received each other as matches, met, and fell in love. Our love story might not be conventional, like meeting in school, or through mutual friends, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! To all the cynics and skeptics out there, our story is living proof that dating apps DO work — all you need is a good attitude and an open heart.”

The singles in Singapore know and trust the Lunch Actually brand. Unlike some other mobile dating apps that have earned the reputation of being ‘hook-up’ apps, LunchClick is a mobile dating app made for serious daters and singles who are looking to find love. Physical dates are arranged in shorter time, without wasting time on trivial chats.

Unlike most of the mobile dating apps in the market that provide hundreds or thousands of profiles at one’s swiping pleasure, LunchClick focuses on giving users one curated match each day. Learning from her offline matchmaking experience, Violet says, “More is not always better. When we have too many choices, we do not know who to choose, or who to focus on.”

Unfazed by possible competition from other mobile dating apps, Violet says, “LunchClick is not just another dating app that we came up with so that we too can have a mobile dating app. It is the result of many years of research. We have put all the knowledge, experience and best practices learned from all our various matchmaking platforms into it. We may be a newcomer to the mobile dating app industry but we are not new to the dating and matchmaking industry. In fact as pioneers in the dating industry, we know and understand the singles. We know what singles want.”

LunchClick 3.0 is available for download now at the Apple AppStore and Google Play.




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