How to start a conversation with someone you like? Love Expert Reveals!

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You see a cute guy or girl. Your heart flutters. You want to talk to him/her. Or maybe, you’re already on a first date with them. Many singles have asked us, how to start a conversation with someone I like?

Now, the love experts from Lunch Actually answers!

Here’s 3 ways you can make talking to your crush or love interest easier:

1) Find a common ground.

Stick to some easy general topics, like finding out what they like, what movies they’ve seen recently, what they’re hoping to watch next. Pick up on what they said, connect yourself to it and share a similar story that you may have. Show that you have things in common, and because it’s something you know, you’ll be much comfortable talking about it!

2) Remember to share stories about yourself!

Don’t bombard them with questions, though! Share about your weekend, your favourite holiday place, and then ask them about theirs. Don’t make it seem like you’re interviewing them to be your husband or wife candidate!

3) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

“Do I sound silly? Am I wearing the wrong outfit? Is there something stuck in my teeth?”

It’s about making a good first impression too

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